MK3 CALIBER - Height Comparison

The MK3 CALIBER® is a medium-sized robot designed for remote handling and Render Safe Procedures of IEDDs and other explosive ordnances, reconnaissance missions, two-way communication and deliver/retrieval tasks.

The MK3 is uniquely equipped with two robotic arms (a heavy-duty robotic claw and twin-disruptor turret), as well as six color cameras help facilitate all kinds of surveillance missions.


Standard Features

  • Command and Control Unit (CCU) with multi-function control and variable-speed joystick
  • On deck 3-D robot layout with LED button indicators and user feedback
  • Data and video radio frequency (RF) wireless systems
  • Two-way communication (talk/listen) with transmitter and receivers and Push to Talk (PTT) functionality
  • 2 battery packs—13  Ah, 24V DC, quick-change, rechargeable, lead-acid battery
  • Rubber tracks on 6 pneumatic tires, with quick-release coupler
  • 3 speed, 6×6, all-wheel drive system
  • Includes manual anti-flip bar for climbing stairs
  • Lifts up to 65 lbs (29 kg)
  • Vertical reach up to 71” (180 cm) and horizontal reach up to 26” (66 cm)
  • 360° rotating robotic claw with color Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) camera on telescoping arm
  • Twin disruptor turret on telescoping arm with two color CCD weapon cameras
  • 36X optical zoom pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) color camera
  • Front- and rear-drive color CCD cameras with infrared (IR) light
  • Standard 500 ft (152 m) tether reel with slip ring
  • LED lights (arms and PTZ camera)
  • One-day course in Robot Operation and Maintenance


  • Mission time: 3-5+ hours per battery pack (mission-dependent)
  • Width: 24” (61 cm)
  • Height (in stowed position): 22.5” (57 cm)
  • Length: 36.5” (93 cm)
  • Weight: 197 lbs (89 kg) with batteries
  • Ground clearance: 3” (8 cm)—allows for driving in snow and sand
  • Drag capacity: 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • Stair-climbing angle: 40°-45°, depending on stair structure
  • Weather resistance: environmentally sealed, Chem-Bio washdown capability
  • Third-party tested: National Institute of  Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Digital COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) video system

    Upgrade to a true Digital COFDM Video System. Ensures the transmission of video images free of distortion from up to 3280’ (1000 m) LOS in optimum conditions. Ideal for searching buildings with a mass amount of concrete and steel in heavy urban environments and airports.

  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

    Enhance situational awareness by adding Quad Screen Picture-In- Picture functionality to your CALIBER® robot. Simultaneously view any four of the CALIBER® Robot’s onboard cameras including the Pan-Tilt- Zoom (PTZ) Camera, Front and Rear IR Drive Cameras, Claw Camera, or Weapon Camera. Combined with the dedicated PTZ control stick, allowing for concurrent operation of the robot and PTZ Camera, the Picture- In-Picture capabilities of the CALIBER® Robot lets you stay on task while remaining aware of your surroundings. (Available for MK3 and T5)

    CCU, picture in picture
  • Digital video recorder

    Integrated into the hardshell case of the CALIBER® CCU. The DVR captures video and pictures up to 320GB. Built-in 5” (13 cm) LCD Touch Screen.

  • FLIR® thermal image camera

    The thermal imaging camera displays heat signatures in color or B/W and is mounted in place of the PTZ camera.

  • Claw attachment kit

    The 2nd generation claw attachment kit includes specially designed tools to augment the capabilities of the CALIBER® T5 and MK3 robots. Kit includes: key holder, camera extension, box cutters, chemical sampler tube, clothes cutter, extension poles, tire deflator, window breaker, finger extension with porcelain tips, cutting hook, utility shears with ceramic blades, Cutabiner®, multiple effectors and hook & line accessories. (Available for MK3 and T5)

    CALIBER® Robots SWAT EOD Claw Kit 2nd Gen
  • Spare parts kit

    Contains essential spare parts for the chassis, deck, tracks, wrist, arms, cameras, etc. that are needed for regular maintenance.

  • X-ray mount

    The X-Ray Mount keeps technicians clear of danger by using the CALIBER® robot to remotely deploy the portable x-ray system. Mount supports all major X-Ray Sources and Imaging Plates. Please specify type of plate and source to be used at time of purchase.

  • Truck mount

    The external truck mounting bracket provides quick deployment of the data and video antennas to the outside of your command vehicle allowing for safe operation of the robot from inside your command vehicle while maximizing the RF operating range. The kit includes up to 15’ (4.5m) of shielded cable and quick disconnect brackets for the antennas.

    external-truck-mount drawing
  • Handheld controller unit

    The lightweight Handheld Controller Unit has a 9’ (2.75 m) cord that connects to the tether input of your robot, providing full motor control of the weapon arm, claw arm, drive system, and LED lights. The controller uses the same variable speed joystick with “Dead Man” button as the standard CCU and is powered by a 9V battery.

  • Bluetooth Handheld Controller Unit

    The Bluetooth Handheld Controller Unit has a wireless Bluetooth adapter that connects to the tether input of your robot, providing full motor control of the arms, drive system, and LED lights. The controller uses a variable speed joystick with “Dead Man” button and can be operate from a distances up to 100 meters. (Available for MK3 and T5)

  • Duke Pro Shock Tube Initiator

    Required for initiating the PAN disruptor or Bottle Charges. Includes attachment mounts for CALIBER® Robot.

  • Auxiliary pole camera

    Extend your vertical viewing capability by attaching the IR enabled auxiliary pole camera into the weapons mount of the CALIBER®. The three stage telescoping pole that extends to 74” (188 cm). A lockable fly wheel allows operators to adjust the angle of the IR camera remotely.

  • RF (radio frequency) extender

    Increase the operating RF range of you CALIBER® robot with the RF Extender. Mounted on a portable tripod, data and video antennas can be directly connected to the CCU using the 500’ Hardwire Tether (included in standard robot package). Key uses include: extending RF range; enabling LOS around corners; and, increasing robot operation in buildings/parking garages by placing RF inside the structure while maintaining a command post outside. The RF Extender is for use with both the Standard and Digital COFDM video and data system.

  • Motorized PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom)

    Remotely increase the height of your Pan-Tilt- Zoom (PTZ) camera up to 55” (140 cm), with the motorized, three stage telescoping PTZ mast.

    motorized ptz mast cropped
  • Motorized anti-flip

    Remotely stowable anti-flip bar allows for climbing stairs and navigating confined spaces by shortening robot’s chassis.

  • Fiber optic reel

    1000’ (305m) milspec fiber-optic tether reel with motorized spooler for use as a backup to RF control.