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For urgent technical questions, call 613-986-7978. For all other customer support matters, please fill out form below.


For more than a decade, ICOR has earned a reputation worldwide for customer service excellence unlike any other in the industry.

Should problems arise with your equipment, ICOR’s expert technicians are available to help you—24/7, 365 days a year.

Quick to respond and easy to work with, your ICOR technician will go above and beyond to ensure your robot is running properly again.

After all, during a critical mission, the last thing you need to worry about is equipment failure.


For urgent technical questions, call:

For non-urgent technical questions, contact:
[email protected]
1-877-483-7978 (In Canada and the U.S.)

Do you have an ICOR CALIBER® robot that suffered damage in the line of duty?

If so, ICOR wants to recognize your robot and your team with a Purple Gear.

To submit a request for the Purple Gear Award Program, please fill out the request support form.

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