CALIBER MK4 - Height Comparison

The largest robot in the CALIBER® family, the CALIBER MK4 offers unprecedented towing and dragging capabilities coupled with speed, agility and dexterity—all at an affordable cost.

The MK4 is the most powerful of all CALIBER robots, with a lift capacity of 200 lbs (90 kg). Its Command & Control Unit provides automatic pre-set positioning to facilitate rapid deployment; and a 3D avatar that offers real-time positional feedback on the actual position of the robot.

Based on recommendations by bomb technicians, the robot’s modular design allows for reduced maintenance costs through easy platform upgrades, field repair, and parts replacement.


Standard Features

  • Command Control Unit (CCU) with two 15” (38 cm) daylight readable touch screens
  • 3D avatar with real-time positional feedback and auto-stow and arm-ready presets
  • Multi-function control, variable speed  joystick
  • Wireless digital system operating in 1.4 GHz COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) for distortion-free video image transmission
  • Includes one 26 Ah, 48V quick-charge, rechargeable, lead-acid battery
  • Tracked with 3-speed drive system
  • Lifts up to 200 lbs (90 kg) with arm retracted, and 100 lbs (45 kg) with arm extended with outriggers
  • 360° rotating claw equipped with standard Picatinny rails
  • 12” (30 cm) gripper opening
  • 113” (287 cm) vertical reach
  • 86” (218 cm) horizontal reach from chassis
  • Distance measuring sensor
  • 7 x color camera
  • 4 x Aiming Green Lasers
  • 2 x Firing Circuits (2 x weapons)
  • Turret Rotate: 0-180°
  • Turret Tilt: 0-180°
  • LED lights: front, rear, flood lights, arms and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera
  • Motorized tow hitch: remotely adjustable tow hitch for towing battle wagon
  • One-day course in Robot Operation and Maintenance


  • Mission Time: 2-5+ hours (mission dependent)
  • Width: 29.5″ (75cm)
  • Height (in stowed position): 34.5” (87 cm)
  • Length: 55″ (140cm)
  • Weight: 735 lbs (333 kg) with batteries
  • Stair Climbing Angle: 40°
  • Weather Resistance: Environmentally sealed; chem.-bio wash down capability
  • Third-party tested: National Institute of  Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • CALIBER MK4 ® Claw Attachment Kit

    Increase the capabilities of your CALIBER® MK4 robot and keep responders out of harm’s way. Set of tools includes: window breaker, tire deflator, finger extension, cutting hook, utility knife, multiple effectors and hook & line accessories, and probing tools.

    CLAW Attachment Kit CALIBER MK4®
  • CALIBER MK4 ® OpenVision™ Integration Kit

    The OpenVision™ Integration Kit allows the OpenVision™ live video X-ray imaging system to be easily deployed remotely using the CALIBER® MK4 robot. The live video can be transmitted wirelessly and displayed on the robot’s Command and Control Unit. (OpenVision™ live video X-ray imaging system not included).

    mk4 ov
  • CALIBER MK4 ® External Truck Mount for RF System

    The external truck mounting bracket provides quick deployment of the data and video antennas to the outside of your command vehicle allowing for safe operation of the robot from inside your command vehicle while maximizing the RF operating range. The kit includes up to 15’ (4.5m) of shielded cable and quick disconnect brackets for the antennas.

    CALIBER® MK4 Truck mount
  • CALIBER MK4 ® RF Extender

    Increase the operating RF range of you CALIBER® MK4 with the RF Extender. Mounted on a portable tripod, data and video antennas can be directly connected to the CCU using the 500’ Hardwire Tether (included in standard robot package). Key uses include: extending RF range; enabling LOS around corners; and, increasing robot operation in buildings/parking garages by placing RF inside the structure while maintaining a command post outside.

  • CALIBER MK4 ® Fiber-Optic Reel

    1000’ (305m) milspec fiber-optic tether reel with motorized spooler for use as a backup to RF control.

  • CALIBER MK4 ® FLIR® Thermal Image Camera

    The thermal imaging camera displays heat signatures in color and is mounted in place of the PTZ camera.

  • CALIBER MK4 ® X-Ray Mount

    The X-Ray Mount keeps technicians clear of danger by using the CALIBER® MK4 to remotely deploy the portable x-ray system. Mount supports all major X-Ray Sources and Imaging Plates. Please specify type of plate and source to be used at time of purchase.

  • CALIBER MK4 ® CBRNE/HAZMAT Sensor Platform

    Mounted on the arm the CBRNE and HAZMAT Sensor platform is ideal for mounting commercial off the shelf sensors. (Sensor not included)

    plaque qith sensor
  • CALIBER MK4 ® CCU Battery Pack

    The CALIBER® MK4 48V DC CCU Power Pack provides power to the robot’s CCU during remote operations.

    ccu battery pack open
  • CALIBER MK4 ® Charger

    The 48V DC robot battery charger for the CALIBER® MK4 can charge the robot’s battery while inside the robot and outside.

    mk4 charger open
  • CALIBER MK4 ® Battery Pack

    Lead-acid rechargeable battery pack for the CALIBER® MK4. Four 12V cells totalling to 48V.

    mk4 battery
  • CALIBER MK4 ® Universal Disruptor Mount

    Using interchangeable blocks, the Universal Disruptor Mount supports major disruptors, including: 29mm Neutrex, RE 70, Vulcan, and 29mm RC Neutrex.

    universal disruptor
  • CALIBER MK4 ® Duke Pro Shock Tube Initiator

    Required for initiating the PAN disruptor or Bottle Charges and can be mounted on both the Claw arm and Weapons Arm.

    duke pro updated
  • CALIBER MK4 ® Basic Spare Parts Kit

    Contains essential spare parts for the chassis, deck, tracks, wrist, arms, cameras, etc. that are needed for regular maintenance.

    caliber mk4 spares
  • CALIBER MK4 ® CCU Stand

    Sturdy aluminum stand for Command and Control Unit (CCU). Foldable and lightweight for easy transportation and storage.

    ccu stand
  • CALIBER MK4 ® Heavy Duty Robot Transit Case

    A Heavy Duty Transit Case that can be used for repeated transport of the CALIBER® MK4 robot with a folding door that functions as a ramp when opened.

    custom caliber mk4 case
  • CALIBER MK4 ® Heavy Duty Accessories Transit Case

    A Heavy Duty water resistant Transit Case that can be used for repeated transport of the CALIBER® MK4 robot Accessories with quick disconnect wheels.

    mk4 accessories case open revised
  • Aluminum Ramps

    Foldable, lightweight ramps for loading and unloading CALIBER® robot into response vehicles.

    ramps updated