Purple Gear Awards Program

What is the ICOR Purple Gear Awards Program?

ICOR Technology established the Purple Gear Award as a reminder of our commitment to “Technology That Saves Lives”.

As a token of recognition and a symbol of respect for the many dangers that the men and women in Law Enforcement face in the execution of their duties; ICOR decided all CALIBER® robots sustaining damages during service will receive a Purple Gear Award.

This Purple Gear Award is to be placed on the robot in light of the damage sustained in action.

How do you Qualify?

To be eligible for a Purple Gear Award, your ICOR CALIBER® robot must have suffered damage due to hostile action on a mission (e.g., gun shots, explosions, blunt objects etc.).

How are the CALIBER® Robots Recognized?

You will receive a Purple Gear sticker to be affixed on the robot, as well as a certificate commemorating the event.

At ICOR’s headquarters in Ottawa, we honor your agency by placing its name on a plaque.

Submission Form

Get Recognized

ICOR wants to recognize all damaged robots. If your robot has been damaged in the past, please email us at [email protected] or fill out the form.