Counter IED Report

The Smartest robot in the CALIBER® family, the CALIBER FLEX offers a lift capacity of 80 lbs (36kg). Its Command & Control Unit provides automatic pre-set positioning to facilitate rapid deployment; and a 3D avatar that offers real-time positional feedback on the actual position of the robot.

The CALIBER® MK4 EOD robot is the biggest robot in the CALIBER® family with unprecedented towing and dragging capability coupled with speed, agility, and dexterity.

The CALIBER® MK4 offers mission critical dependent features at a low cost. The robot’s modular design, based on bomb technicians’ recommendations, results in reduced maintenance costs through easy platform upgrades, field repair, and part replacement.

The MK3 CALIBER® EOD robot satisfies the need for a medium-sized platform that offers the towing and dragging capability of a larger robot with the speed, agility, and dexterity of smaller lightweight platforms.

The MK3 CALIBER® has a unique feature offering of two arms, combining a heavy-duty robotic claw and Twin-Disrupter Turret. Two robotic arms allow users to lift heavier payloads with the claw without sacrificing the aiming capability of their disrupters. Surveillance missions are easily accomplished with the 6 color cameras onboard the robot.

The MK3 CALIBER® EOD provides unrivaled capabilities for dollar value.

The CALIBER® T5 is a small, light, narrow robot built upon the successful design of the MK3 CALIBER®. Weighing only 150 lbs (68 kg), it is a two-man portable tactical robot that utilizes a single turreted claw/disrupter arm, perfect for quick deployment as an EOD or SWAT tool.

At 17″ (43 cm) wide, the CALIBER® T5 is best suited to EOD and SWAT teams needing to deploy a compact robot into the narrow passages of buses, trains, and planes. Add the optional Arm Extension Kit to extend the reach to 105″ (267 cm) to inspect overhead compartments while keeping responders safe from danger.

The lightweight, modular, man-portable Mini-CALIBER® SWAT Robot is tested and recommended by NTOA. Developed for rapid tactical missions, the robot is simple to operate and quick to deploy, providing fast action for searching rooms, hallways, stairwells and confined spaces.