Armed man arrested and Robot inspects vehicle after man gains access to Rideau Hall grounds

Ottawa, ON –  An Armed man has been arrested after entering Rideau Hall near the Governor Generals house. The RCMP also used the MK3 CALIBER® EOD Robot and the CALIBER® T5 SWAT robot to inspect the suspects’ vehicle. Video from City News Shows both Police Robots deployed by the RCMP.         Video […]

“Purple Gear Awards Program” Honours ICOR Technology Robots Damaged in the Line of Duty

  It was near a busy train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey on September 19, 2016. Two ICOR Technology CALIBER® robots were deployed by law enforcement officials to disarm a backpack holding several devices.   During a render safe procedure, one of those devices functioned. The first robot suffered damage. The other robot was inoperable […]

ICOR’s New and Improved Virtual Training Program

ICOR Technology Inc. are pleased to announce that we launched our New and Improved Virtual Training Program. This allows our users to get access to all our training and maintenance videos in one place.   Users now have the ability to now choose from a variety of videos and focus on areas that they need. With […]