IABTI 2021 Virtual International In-Service & Expo

IABTI training calls on speakers from some of the 72 nations represented in our association. If your work or business involves anti-terrorism, explosives disposal, or explosives investigation, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our training opportunities  

Regina police explosives unit destroys suspicious object

Regina police explosives unit destroys suspicious object on 900 block of Victoria Avenue Read More –   —- #caliber #eod #ied #bombdisposal #bombdisposalrobot #bombrobot #bombsquad #policerobot #hazmat

ICOR announces acquisition of Proparms Ltd.

As market leaders in EOD robots for 20 years, ICOR knows a good thing when it sees it. That’s why we’re excited to bring the market leader in disruption technology, Proparms Ltd., into our family of products. Enjoy the same great quality disruptor tools with the added bonus of ICOR’s unsurpassed manufacturing and customer service. […]