The LEMUR S is a drone designed to enter dangerous situations by providing a highly-reliable and powerful two-way communication system with the advanced ability to enter structures, fly indoors as well as effectively locate people inside homes, skyscrapers, and vehicles.


  • Withstand drop from up to 40 feet
  • Modular and easy to fix
  • Fully enclosed props (enabling the drone to bounce off walls and to push open doors), carbon fiber reinforced nylon PA6 drone body/ducts.
  • CNC machined prepreg carbon-fiber motor arms/duct frame
  • Two ultra-sensitive electret condenser microphones
  • Enables the drone to hear human voices, footsteps, and doors closing up to 100 feet away
  • Small, lightweight 106 dB SPL at 1m loudspeakers with adjustable volume
  • Can be heard at up to 500ft (152m) at its maximum power level
  • Controller has a 7-inch built-in LCD in a Carbon fiber frame with a powerful, high-penetration RC transceiver
  • Near-zero latency
  • High material penetration wireless video transmission system with a line-of-sight transmission range in excess of 8 mi
  • (13km) and multi-receiver capability
  • Onboard micro SD card slot for recording high-quality video and audio logs for evidence
  • Redundantly recording in VR headset
  • Powerful control and video signal strength
  • Can operate from blocks away
  • Utilizing an advanced wireless video transmission system
  • Dense-material penetration capabilities ensure the pilot is operating from a safe location and that the UAS never loses control or video signal
  • Laser-guided localization technologies facilitates flying
  • No geofencing limitations
  • If the drone ends up on its back, it can flip itself over and relaunch to finish a mission
  • High powered light accessory
  • Tungsten carbide glass breaker
  • General-purposes dropper accessory
  • Flood light attachment
  • Terrestrial robot landing strip with 3M VHB tape backing
  • For superior pilot emersion and focus in non-sterile operating environments (the drone can transmit video streams to multiple receivers)
  • Carry a wide variety of payloads
  • Equipped to serve in many operations, from hazmat operations to search and rescue missions


  • Battery: 45-minute battery charge time (90%)
  • 31-minute flight time: battery technology based on a lithium-ion chemistry
  • Width: 15.2″ ( 38.6cm)
  • Height: 3.7” (9.6cm)
  • Length: 12.7″ (32.3cm)
  • Weight: 2.4lbs (1.1kg)
  • Operating Temperature -20F to 120F (-29C to 49C)
  • Water Resistance and can operate in wet conditions