“Purple Gear Awards Program” Honours ICOR Technology Robots Damaged in the Line of Duty

“Purple Gear Awards Program” Honours ICOR Technology Robots Damaged in the Line of Duty


It was near a busy train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey on September 19, 2016.

Two ICOR Technology CALIBER® robots were deployed by law enforcement officials to disarm a backpack holding several devices.


During a render safe procedure, one of those devices functioned. The first robot suffered damage. The other robot was inoperable
Still, there was good news: zero human injuries were reported.


It is stories like this that serve as a continuous reminder of the importance of technology: specifically, its ability to safeguard EOD, SWAT, First Responders, and the public in the face of inherent, life-threatening danger.



Presenting the Purple Gear Awards Program

ICOR Technology recently launched the Purple Gear Award program. This is to honor the contributions of law enforcement professionals and their robots in extremely high-risk situations.


The concept is similar to the Purple Heart award bestowed upon police and military. The difference is that the Purple Gear award recognizes and decorates ICOR CALIBER® robots damaged by hostile action while in the line of duty.Purple Gear

The inspiration behind the Purple Gear program occurred in Florida in 2017. During a routine customer visit with the Division of Investigative & Forensic Services-Bureau of Fire, Arson, & Explosives Investigations, an ICOR representative noticed someone had affixed a Purple Heart sticker to a veteran MK3 CALIBER® robot named Boots.

According to Major Brandon Ball, a bomb technician who operated the robot, the MK3 was more than deserving of such a distinction.

“The first injury to our robot was during a reconnaissance mission, where a Polk County deputy was shot,” says Major Ball. “The bad guy shot our machine as well—but she stayed in service and the bad guy gave up. She has been shot a total of seven times in three different incidents in support of SWAT teams.”  This robot is still in service.


Purple Gear Award Honorees

Since the program’s inception, ICOR Technology has awarded many of its customers’ robots with Purple Gears for their contributions in high-risk, life-threatening situations. ICOR recognizes that public safety agencies require immediate responses to deal with damaged robots after their mission. Thus, the 24/7 customer service hotline is managed by senior technicians who provide prompt technical support, ensuring the police agency can get the robot back up and running and back into the fight as quickly as possible.


After successfully repairing the robot, ICOR engraves the agency’s name on a tile and add it to the Purple Gear Plaque, displayed at the corporate headquarters showroom. Bomb technicians and tactical operators from around the world visit Canada and see ICOR’s commitment to “Technology That Saves Lives”.


Recipients to date have included:


“Sir Robin” (ICOR MK3 CALIBER®) and “Patsy” (ICOR Mini-CALIBER®): both affectionately named and used by the New Brunswick RCMP, the former was damaged by fragmentation from a pipe bomb during a render safe procedure, while the second was damaged while locating an armed and barricaded suspect inside of a residence.


An ICOR robot deployed by the Saskatoon police force, which suffered major damage from a sledgehammer in the unit’s attempts to communicate with a person barricaded inside their home.


Other recipients have included:


·         Brevard County Sheriff’s Office (FL) ·         Lewisville Police Department (TX)
·         Division of Investigative & Forensic Services. (FL) ·         Michigan State Police (MI)
·         Douglas County Sheriff Office (GA) ·         New Jersey State Police (NJ)
·         El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office (CA) ·         Ohio State Highway Patrol (OH)
·         Fort Smith Police Department (AR) ·         RCMP – H Division
·         Frisco Police Department (TX) ·         RCMP – J Division (NB)
·         Ithaca Police Department (NY) ·         Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (NL)
·         Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (FL) ·         San Antonio Police Department (TX)
·         Kenner Police Department (LA) ·         Saskatoon Police Service (SK)
·         Wilmington Police Department (DE)


Receive a Purple Gear Award

Do you have an ICOR CALIBER® robot that suffered damage in the line of duty?

To be eligible for a Purple Gear Award, your ICOR CALIBER® robot must have suffered damage due to hostile action on a mission (e.g., gunshots, explosions, blunt objects, etc.).

If so, ICOR wants to recognize your robot and your team with a Purple Gear.


For further information about the Purple Gear Award Program, contact us at [email protected] or visit