CALIBER® Drone Mount

CALIBER® Drone Mount

These removable, custom-designed rail mounts are used to carry the Brinc LEMUR S drone on the robot. The rail mounts help improve the reconnaissance capabilities of the robot and ensure that the drone is safely secured to complete the needed mission.

The custom mounts are available for the FLEX, MK4, MK3, T5, and Mini-CALIBER®



Rail mount for Mini-CALIBER® consists of:

  • Clamp base
  • Picatinny bottom clamp
  • Picatinny top clamp
  • Drone landing platform
  • Clamp lock *this is what it said on google*
  • Handle

Rail mount for CALIBER® larger robots consists of:

  • Drone swing base
  • Drone swing leg
  • Drone swing tube
  • Drone landing platform
  • Clamp lock
  • Handle