Hook & Line Equipment

Hook & Line Equipment

ICOR’s hook and line rigging systems provide bomb technicians with semi-remote handling capabilities, allowing them to attach, anchor, redirect, reach and maneuver suspect EOD/IEDD devices.

Currently available in two versions:


  • Essential: Single-line basic rigging kit with all necessary components for semi-remote handling capabilities for bomb technicians.
  • Ultimate: Two-line advanced rigging kit with all features of the Essential, and more.


Standard features and capacities of the Essential and Ultimate kits include:

  • Precision-engineered components to endure EOD missions
  • High-strength, low-stretch, color-coded Kevlar® core lines
  • Innovative, lockable, self-opening pulleys
  • Strong, laser-cut, stainless steel hooks
  • Hard-shell Pelican® carrying case
  • Custom-cut closed cell foam to hold tools in place

Also available: light-weight, scaled-down, single-line rigging kit/Backpack, ideal for special mobile operations and quick access